Posted 2017-08-14

Pardon the mess! We've just published the new site and are building out some demos and more!

Welcome to 3DScene.me!

We've been wanting to release this new app for a long time! We're glad to get it out into the world and hoping we can get some beta users who are excited about the idea of 3D and VR in the browser :). So many planned features, but it seemed like a good idea to get the app out as soon as possible to find out what our users want rather than guessing which features are most important.

Why 3D Albums?

I know a 3D album seems a bit strange, but it feels like an oddly good place to start. We're huge fans of new technology, and browsers and phones are capable of so much. Personally, I want to see virtual reality (and augmented reality) explode. Our hope is that making it dead simple for anyone to create a 3D experience they can share with others will help.

Our goal is to focus first on making simple tools to allow anyone to create, and then to add features and interactivity. Most of the existing 3D and VR tools can provide fun and interactive experiences, but they require a bit of a learning curve to get started. We'll dive into some of them in a future post!

Don't I Need to Drop $2k+ To Try VR?

When most people hear virtual reality, they're thinking of a Vive or Rift headset. As if the cost of the headset alone isn't enough, you usually need to spend over $1k to build a beefy, power-hungry machine to get into VR mode. While I think they provide an incredible experience that's worth the cost if you're otherwise going to blow the money, virtual reality should be accessible to everyone as soon as possible!

We developed 3DScene.me to work with Google Cardboard. It may not be a Vive, but throwing your phone into a $10 headset and seeing anything in the world (and out of this world!) in 3D is such an amazing experience, we want to evangelize and spread the word. It is our priority to provide the best experience with Google Cardboard, and then to include features for Daydream/GearVR and Vive/Rift over time.


Thanks for taking some time to learn about what we're offering. Please, don't hesitate to sign up and let us know what you think!