Beta features in beta products

Posted 2017-08-14

We're constantly working on (or at least dreaming of) new features when we're not stream-lining the existing features and tools. Here's a list of what we're most excited about in the pipeline.


Along with audio to set the mood, video is ever-present nowadays, and we don't want the 3D web to fall behind! You can upload web-safe videos (generally mp4, which modern phones create) and add them to your albums. When a video is selected by a viewer, playback should begin as soon as their Internet connection can handle it :)

We've noticed some glitches that cause videos to stop playing back, or only play audio. We're working to iron out the issues, but feel free to play around in the mean time!


UPDATE (Sept 1): We've just released an update that includes thumbnails and scaling. Albums with large images now load pretty quickly! We still need to optimize very large images, but it's looking pretty good now!

Yep, albums load a bit slowly right now! The Zion/Bryce album currently on our home page has 17 images at about 2mb each. The photosphere, at 7mb, brings the total to 48mb! That's a lot to download to view one album, and speed is critical to gaining attention, so we're working to create scaled, decently-sized thumbnails, and then we'll work to find the optimal size for full-size images.

It's Pouring!

Sometimes, a little more movement really brings a scene to life. We've added a rain effect so you can add a layer to those stormy photos you've taken.


For the initial version, it looks like it may have to be disabled on mobile devices to prevent the screen from turning black. Hopefully that's only temporary!

Rain seems like a good fit for one of the first effects, but the sky is the limit when it comes to setting the mood. A great sky photo and background audio works wonders, but floating candles, club lights, and lapping waves seem like the next steps.


What do you think would help improve the atmosphere?