Posted 2017-08-31

At, we believe that being up-front and honest is the best business decision. That's part of the reason so many details are being posted on this blog! Pricing is no different, and while we're unsure where we'll go, we want to make sure users understand the situation fully, and don't feel manipulated, like on sites where they offer a free signup with no mention of cost until they've suckered people (like myself) into spending time setting up an account. is in super-early beta (I think that's the technical term) at the moment. Because we're looking for as much feedback as humanly possible, we're keeping signups open and free for now.

For those early users (especially those that give lots of great feedback *hint hint*), we'll likely maintain some form of free account for quite a while.

Near-Term Plans

Once we have all of the initial tools worked out, we'll likely charge a one time $10 fee to use the service. Again, our goal will be to get feedback and learn what features are most needed and requested. For popular albums and a need for high availability and storage, we can work it out based on your needs.

Long-Term Plans

There are many options for a service like 3DScene, and different directions a product can take. Hosting images (some high resolution), videos, and maintainenance costs can stack up, so finding good monetization routes is important. Here are some examples:

  • Free consumer accounts. With a primary goal of expanding the reach of VR and WebVR, providing free consumer accounts so anyone can build and show off albums and scenes would be great! It might be interesting to work with in-VR advertising, and finding ways to make unobtrusive (but performant) ads.
  • Standard software as a service model. If we can develop tools useful to businesses or high end users, charging a flat monthly fee is our main goal.
  • License. For businesses that need self-hosting, licensing and exporting scenes is a potential option.

Not sure if you should sign up?

If you're considering signing up but afraid of the cost, sign up and try it out! It's a very easy setup to try it out and determine whether it's valuable to you. And we would love to hear what you think about it, what it's worth to you, and what could make it better!

At this moment, we're looking for awesome users who want to be involved in building a unique, interesting, and useful tool!