Backpacking in Lake Tahoe (with album inside!)

Posted 2017-09-15

I went on a trip to Lake Tahoe over the weekend, with a backpacking trail to Lake Fontanillis, about 6 miles into the wildnerness. I'm not really cut out for backpacking, my feet and hips usually sore and in pain after a small trek, but the beautiful scenery makes up for it. This was by far the most beautiful and awe-inspiring trip I'd been on, passing by flowing water, green trees, even snow lingering around in the warmth of the end of the summer. Going for a swim (or attempting to, anyway) in the freezing cold lake at the end of a tough day and playing in the rapidly moving stream that flows into Lake Tahoe (I think?) added to the warm feelings I have of the trip.

While relaxing at our camping spot, we decided to take a photosphere to create an album to feature here. I was amazed by the quality of the photosphere taken with a Nexus 6P out on the lake! Often, the moving clouds can cause stitching issues in the resulting sphere, but Google Camera seemed to know just what to do in this case.

Hope you enjoy the new album! Take a look and play below smiley

Or view the full album here.

As a bonus, we tried out adding a panorama to the album photos. With the recently added feature to scale images correctly, it makes for an interesting change to a standard portrait or landscape photo. It's the last photo, in case you want to see for yourself!